Urban II Open Trailer: 2 Machines And WR2 Wash Water Recovery And Recycling


This is a Hot And Mighty™ Mobile Cleaning System. This model was developed using the highest quality parts and accessories. We anchor the system with two our top of the line skid mount hot water blaster model MES-3505-OK6G. These machine are powered by 20 hp Kohler gas motors delivering 4.8gpm @ 3500psi of pressurized cleaning force. We then pass the water through a sch 80 cold rolled steel heating coil to heat the water to a sultry 180 deg F. These machines are steam combo units and can deliver 250 deg. F. wet steam at 3500 psi with a simple nozzle change. There are several added features that set us apart from our competitors, such as fuel water separator filters for the burner and easy drain oil hoses for the pump and motor.

Next, to make this machine truly portable we added a 300 gallon water supply tank. The tank isplumbed with an easy fill float valve, 2″ quick drain dump valve, supply line to the pressure washer and a dual bypass line from the machine to allow longer times in bypass mode. This unit is small enough to fit in parking garages and can be easily maneuvered through downtown streets.

This system also contains a Hot And Mighty™ WR2 Recovery And Recycling System. We combine a 23 HP Vanguard motor with a 425 CFM Gardner Denver blower to bring extreme suction power. We collect the water and filter it through a multi-stage recycling system. Our Hot And Mighty™ Oil Harvester collects and separates oils and solids with its multi-stage aluminum application. The cleaned water is then processed through a polishing phase of three 95′ cartridge filters or three 10″ x 23″ bag filters. This package contains two heavy duty vacuum hose reels with a total of 200′ feet of vacuum hose.

Each system comes with (2) 21″ vacuum recovery surface cleaners and (2) Cotton Mouth recovery dams.

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